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Do You Need a San Francisco Probate Attorney?

During the probate process, a personal representative is appointed by the Court to take on the responsibility of the decedent's estate. The role of a probate attorney is to advise the personal representative and beneficiaries of an estate as they decide how to settle the final affairs of the decedent. Because this process is time-consuming, emotionally taxing, and legally confusing, most people go looking for the most experienced and reputable probate, trust, or will attorney San Francisco can offer.

Working with a San Francisco probate attorney can help you navigate this challenging time with minimal stress and confusion. To that end, Robert L. Ferris has represented clients in Federal Court, Bankruptcy Court, Appellate Court, and State Courts throughout California. In total, he has more than 23 years experience with civil litigation, but today he primarily helps San Francisco families with probate, wills, and trusts.

Understanding The Probate Process

Probate is the legal process concerning the administration and distribution of the estate of a deceased person. The role of probate courts is to ensure that the decedent's real estate and personal property are identified and appraised. Additionally, the courts ensure any applicable debts or fees are paid prior to the balance of the property being distributed. Overall, the probate process involves:

Finally, the assets will be distributed to the beneficiaries, either in accordance with the will or local state laws. If you need help during any step of this process, don't be afraid to contact San Francisco probate attorney Robert L. Ferris.

About Robert L. Ferris

Robert L. Ferris is the probate, trust and will attorney San Francisco can turn to when settling their affairs. With over 23 years of experience as an associate and sole practitioner, Robert has helped clients navigate the complex probate process for many years.

His expertise includes Probate, Wills, and Trusts. Along with college degrees from San Jose State University and the University of California - Hasting Law School, Robert has had the opportunity to receive ample experience in both federal and state courts.

Robert's clients have often been referred to him from the San Francisco County Bar Association Lawyer's Referral Service, the Alameda County Bar Association Lawyer's Referral Service, and the San Mateo County Bar Association Lawyer's Referral Service.

Without a clear understanding about what the probate process is and how it works, many people find the process overwhelming. If you are looking for someone to help guide you through the process, contact Robert L. Ferris, a San Francisco probate attorney who is here to help. Call the office to book a free consultation today.