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Trust Review

San Francisco Attorney for Trust Review

If you currently have a trust, it is important to review it with an experienced attorney and note any changes that may have occurred since your last trust review. Be sure to examine the list below to assess whether you are due to speak with Robert L. Ferris, San Francisco attorney for a trust review:

Significant changes in the Federal Estate Tax Laws may mean that you no longer need a bypass trust (A-B Trust) to avoid estate taxes. A Bypass Trust restricts the surviving spouse’s use of the property, requires a separate income tax return, and assets in the Bypass Trust do not receive a stepped up tax basis upon the death of the surviving spouse.

Have your trust reviewed by an experienced trust attorney. Call Robert L. Ferris, your San Francisco attorney for a trust review, at (650) 488-0431, or if you do not have a trust and wish to discuss getting a trust you can schedule a free 30 minute consultation.